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Windows 10: Microsoft is looking to force people to use its Edge browser

The Guardian - 5 hours ago
In the release notes for Microsoft's latest early version of Windows 10, sent out to its so called Insiders, the Redmond-based company said: “We will begin testing a change where links clicked...

Chromebook Vs. Best Windows 10 Laptop: Google Pixelbook Takes On Dell XPS 13

Forbes - 1 day ago
The 2018 redesign also comes loaded with upgrades including improved fiber material in the palmrest, a new keyboard with more tactile feedback, a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button,...

Piny brings the Pinterest experience to Windows 10

Windows Central - 4 hours ago
... stepped up. Pinterest allows you to browse image boards and create your own. You can check out do it yourself projects, makeup tutorials, inspirational quotes and more. It's a great way to...

Microsoft forces people to use Edge browser against their wishes on Windows 10

TrustedReviews - 57 minutes ago
Microsoft is trying to force people to use its Edge web browser on Windows 10, even if they really don't want to. The company has started overriding users' browser preferences, making all...

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  • mike  says:

    As you may know, Microsoft is forcing existing Windows 7 users automatic upgrades to Windows 10. We object to this dramatic change for our users and don’t think Windows 10 is ready for business at this time. In addition there are risks in doing so, which may render your PC unable to function and cause the following.

    Loss of drivers for printers, mouse, keyboard and other devices.
    Hidden Spyware from Microsoft (which can’t be detected)
    Creation of Hidden files in a hidden folder of up to 10 Gb

    You might not even know this is happening to your PC(s)

    There is a solution….

    Download the GWX control panel and disable these action from Microsoft. When the next major release of Windows comes out, you can re-enable these system updates.

    First Download the GWX Control panel and run it. If you find there remain files in the hidden Windows ~ BT directory, you will need to contact us as they have disabled your ability to stop the upgrade. If you are PC savvy, you can download the take ownership utility which will enable your ability to delete these files.

    GWX Download
    Take Ownership Download
    Ultimate Outsider: Using GWX Control Panel to Permanently Remove the ‘Get Windows 10’ Icon


    Ultimate Outsider: Using GWX Control Panel to Permane…
    GWX Control Panel is a free program that you can use to do the following on Windows 7 and Windows 8: Remove the “Get Windows 10” icon that appears in your noti…
    View on blog.ultimateoutsider…
    Preview by Yahoo

    Take Ownership:

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