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This Intel NUC mini PC kit is $272 through an Amazon Lightning deal

Windows Central - 5 days ago
The Intel NUC mini PC kit NUC7i5BNK Core i5 is down to $271.99 as part of temporary Amazon Lightning deal. These deals usually only last for a few hours and involve a very limited supply. This NUC...

Everything you need to turn an Intel NUC into a gaming powerhouse

Windows Central - 3 weeks ago
The Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is a range of barebones PCs from the company that puts processors in most of the desktops and laptops you've probably used in the past. Being barebones,...

Intel Hades Canyon NUC review: An ultra-compact gaming PC in a category of its own

PC World - 3 days ago
Modern PCs come in all shapes and sizes but in all my years of PC gaming I've yet to find a gaming PC that packs quite this much punch into such a small form-factor as the Intel Hades Canyon...

Intel's next mainstream compact PCs won't have discrete Radeon graphics

Digital Trends - 2 weeks ago
All NUCs are barebones anyway, thus you're required to purchase memory and storage separately in addition to the cost of Intel's NUC. The “Hades Canyon” NUC released by Intel earlier this...

Intel's next-gen NUC mini PCs will have 28W Coffee Lake processors

Liliputing - 2 weeks ago
The gaming-oriented Intel Hades Canyon NUC with an Intel Kaby Lake-G processor is technically the first of Intel's min computers to feature an 8th-gen Intel processor. But the company's first...

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