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HP Economical Large Format Printers

In the past we have been supporting old plotters 10-15 year old HP’s because there simply was nothing on the market less expensive to replace them with.  Now, it looks like HP finally got the message.  Sure, we will continue to service you HP LaserJet printers and Plotters.   Yes, for the most part they are great and reliable machines.  But If we tell you to look for a new one you might really look for a new one and not just a refurbished 10 year old.  READ ON:

HP Transforms Large-format Printing Process with New Ergonomically Designed ePrinters

New HP Designjet ePrinters improve user experience for architecture, engineering, construction and design professionals

PALO ALTO, Calif. — HP today introduced two web-connected printers that transform the large-format printing process wi...

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Intel servers are great and their desktop boards have been outstanding.  Looks like they think they are not making enough money on the desktops so they will discontinue them by the end of 2013.  Get them while you can.  They still have the best support and will have during the warranty period.  Overnight shipping for a replacement board and free tech support on the phone.   Glad to hear they will continue making servers though.

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