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Why your Android antivirus app never works out the way you plan

TechGenYZ - 2 weeks ago
You cannot just take the first Android antivirus app that you have chosen. This means that you could actually introduce more viruses to your phone because you will actually get these viruses from...

The Google Play “Super Antivirus” that's not so super at all… [REPORT]

Naked Security - 6 months ago
Remember fake anti-virus? It was a big money-making gimmick used by cybercriminals a few years ago, aimed at regular computers and mobile devices alike. The idea was staggeringly simple: run a free...

Apple is banning fake antivirus apps from the iOS App Store

The INQUIRER - 10 months ago
FASHION BRAND AND PHONE MAKER Apple is reportedly banning dodgy antivirus apps from its iOS App Store, a move that would save users from downloading fake crap that is probably hard to remove. 9to5Mac...

Apple officially bans scammy antivirus apps from iOS App Store

The Verge - 10 months ago
Fake “virus scanning” apps have plagued the iOS App Store for a while, and Apple seems to finally be banning them once and for all in updated developer guidelines it published this week, via...

Facebook's Mandatory Malware Scan Is an Intrusive Mess

WIRED - 5 months ago
It "will possibly train users to accept or install fake antivirus products, most of which are ransomware," says Mohammad Mannan, a security researcher at Concordia University who has...

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