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Facebook's Mandatory Malware Scan Is an Intrusive Mess

WIRED - 3 weeks ago
It "will possibly train users to accept or install fake antivirus products, most of which are ransomware," says Mohammad Mannan, a security researcher at Concordia University who has...

CapOne Chatbots Roll Out Virtual Account Numbers | - 1 week ago
Capital One tapped its shopping assistant chatbot, Eno, to help create virtual account numbers in an effort to prevent credit card fraud.and...

Telecoms Installing Mining, Surveillance Malware | - 1 week ago
Internet service providers in Turkey, Syria and Egypt are reportedly installing malware and spyware to survey the traffic activity of unsuspecting web users.and... virus: How does it attack Android devices?

TechTarget - 4 days ago
... used to display ads on infected systems, and that it could be an installed application, web browser extension or a malicious JavaScript exploiting insecure functionality in a web browser to...

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