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Mining malware: signals of a shift in cybercrime

Information Age - 6 days ago
Since 2015 ransomware has presented cybercriminals with the easiest and most effective method to take money from unsuspecting users and organisations. Before this, other cyber threats have had their...

How to spot fake Android apps

The Punch - 3 weeks ago
Just because an app is in the Google Play Store does not mean that it is a legitimate app. This is because Google is constantly removing fraudulent apps from the Android marketplace, such as fake...

The Age of Modern Mac Malware

Macworld - 3 weeks ago
In 2011, hackers took advantage of the lack of information among Mac users and developed MACDefender, a fake antivirus that was extremely well crafted and presented. Most damaging, though, was...

Apple is banning fake antivirus apps from the iOS App Store

The INQUIRER - 1 month ago
FASHION BRAND AND PHONE MAKER Apple is reportedly banning dodgy antivirus apps from its iOS App Store, a move that would save users from downloading fake crap that is probably hard to remove. 9to5Mac...

Can you trust your Android antivirus software? Malicious fake protection apps flood Google Play Store

ZDNet - 4 months ago
Fake antivirus apps are trying to take advantage of fears around ransomware and other cyberattacks. Image: iStock. Hundreds of fake anti-virus apps are capitalising on fears around WannaCry and other...

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