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Hackers Make New Claim in San Francisco Transit Ransomware Attack

Threatpost - 2 weeks ago
The San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency said by Sunday it had contained a ransomware attack that occurred Friday which impacted its internal computer and payment systems. The public transit...

Will hackers make ATM machines spew money?

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 2 weeks ago
Its a term used to describe the act of forcing an ATM machine to spew cash. It sounds like a myth. But criminals jackspotted ATMs in Thailand and Taiwan earlier this year. More recently, hackers did...

Hackers make $40m hit on Russian central bank

The Australian - 1 week ago
Hackers stole 2 billion roubles ($40 million) from correspondent bank accounts at Russia's central bank, a spokeswoman at the central bank has confirmed, adding that the country was devising new...

Google accounts hit with malware -- a million and growing

CNET - 2 weeks ago
The hackers have run ads in those forcibly downloaded apps, so every click or download helps the hackers make money, Forbes reported. Check Point said Gooligan is a variant of an Android malware...

How Hackers Make Money from DDoS Attacks

Fortune - 2 months ago
Yesterday's attack on the internet domain directory Dyn, which took major sites like Twitter and Paypal offline, was historic in scale. But the motivation for the attack may seem opaque, since no...

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