Comments for IT Management Consulting Group 800-385-4615 Your One-Stop Shop for Network Support and More Mon, 21 Dec 2015 14:19:32 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Windows 10 by mike Mon, 21 Dec 2015 14:19:32 +0000 As you may know, Microsoft is forcing existing Windows 7 users automatic upgrades to Windows 10. We object to this dramatic change for our users and don’t think Windows 10 is ready for business at this time. In addition there are risks in doing so, which may render your PC unable to function and cause the following.

Loss of drivers for printers, mouse, keyboard and other devices.
Hidden Spyware from Microsoft (which can’t be detected)
Creation of Hidden files in a hidden folder of up to 10 Gb

You might not even know this is happening to your PC(s)

There is a solution….

Download the GWX control panel and disable these action from Microsoft. When the next major release of Windows comes out, you can re-enable these system updates.

First Download the GWX Control panel and run it. If you find there remain files in the hidden Windows ~ BT directory, you will need to contact us as they have disabled your ability to stop the upgrade. If you are PC savvy, you can download the take ownership utility which will enable your ability to delete these files.

GWX Download
Take Ownership Download
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Take Ownership:

Comment on AT&T vs Comcast by Daniel Wed, 03 Jul 2013 07:50:32 +0000 Cable modems remember the Mac (hardware) address of the last device to connect to them, and typically will not give any other device an IP address. If your modem has a reset button, that may get it to work. But otherwise when you connect a different device to a cable modem, disconnect power from the modem for a few minutes, power it up until it does its thing and is stable, then power up whatever is connected to the modem on your side.If you are regularly changing things or want to connect more than one device (or wireless devices) to the internet, a broadband router can make that much easier (wireless router if you do or might use WiFi).

Comment on HP Economical Large Format Printers by Raj Wed, 03 Jul 2013 05:32:05 +0000 Based on manufacturers’ sfciipicateons, this printer has incredibly low per-page printing costs, provided you use the 564XL ink cartridges. They’re hard to find, but well worth it.The print quality looks great for photos, text, or printing on CD, but then again I’ve only had this printer for a month. Every printer generates great output when it’s new. The second black ink cartridge theoretically produces crisper text, and indeed the text output is crisp, but again: it’s a new printer. Ask me again in a year or two.I bought this to replace an Epson Stylus R300 for printing directly on disks. Since this printer was designed after that California class action lawsuit, hopefully it won’t start screaming for cartridge replacement when there’s still 25% left.Unlike the Epson Rxxx series, this printer comes with a slot for storing the disk printing tray, which is a great feature. My old Epson printing tray got warped from bad storage over time.There’s a separate paper tray for your 3 5 photo paper, so you don’t have to remove your 8.5 11 paper any time you want to print a photo.The LCD panel is backlit, so you can see error messages even in a poorly lit room.Printing seems to be faster than on my old Epson, but I didn’t exactly time it to be sure.The print to disk software that comes with this printer is like most HP applications and drivers bloated and useless. HP must be hiring programmers from Creative Labs or something. It may actually be useful for novice users, but the rest of us aren’t happy about being forced to use a small number of templates with no ability to customize the layout. While the printer itself is great, I would suggest looking for a 3rd party application for designing and printing disk labels. The free utility that comes with both the OEM and retail versions of Nero works quite nicely. In terms of disk printing software, the Epson Rxxx series beats this printer hands down.The web printing software was cumbersome, didn’t do much, and only works in Internet Explorer.As with most HP products, install the drivers only.