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Don't let fake apps steal your holiday cheer

Port Huron Times Herald - 2 weeks ago
These apps can appear as fake antivirus, browsers, and games, but more recently scammers have focused on retail apps. Apple's App store has reportedly seen a rise in fake apps in recent weeks,...

Advice on how to avoiding holiday scams

KGWN - 3 weeks ago
Beware of fake antivirus/computer protection downloads. Fake antivirus software is often used to trick people into believing their computer is at risk or already infected, so they agree to download...

Don't Get Ripped Off by These So-Called Android Antivirus Apps

Mobile Magazine - 1 week ago
If you're worried about security for your Android phone or tablet, then you need not concern yourself with these Android antivirus apps, well, at least 5 of them anyway. In reality, Android...

Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus Out in the Wild

Softpedia News - 2 months ago
The first fishy thing about this fake antivirus is that it's aimed at Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers, but the genuine package can only be installed on Windows 7 and earlier - Microsoft...

Cyber Crooks See Much Opportunity In The Digital Playground - 2 weeks ago
The Virus Removal Tool identifies and cleans up infections, viruses, Conficker, rootkits, and fake antivirus that the installed antivirus solution might have missed. And, it works well alongside the...

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